AMC: 2N100MKII-2

2N100MKII-2 – High Current Power Amplifier | AMC

Toroid Transformer High Current

Massive Power

Ideal for HIFI or Cinema

$899.00 $699.00


AMC Power Amplifiers Designed from the ground up, High Current Amplification that you would only find in brands 3 times the price.
150 Watts True RMS Power per Channel, with 240Watts RMS Power per Channel at 4 Ohm Driven, this amplifier is by no means a toy! 3 Year Warranty Australia Wide, with Total Current Rating at 60Amps, you will drive large speakers with no hassle. AMC is a brand that build products for most high end brands currently out there, with the design and reliability philosophy of 25 years, you can go past this big boy if you are starting a hifi or multi-channel home cinema system.

It’s Powerful and convenient.
These are the terms used by our customers to describe the 2N100MKII , 2 channel amplifier from AMC.
Amplifiers reproducing these dynamic signals must do so without interfering with each other. In high quality amplifiers, circuit design is critical in order to achieve maximum performance and exceptional sound. Each output of the amplifier is powered by an independent “Power Module”(tm). Each module is identically constructed, allowing completely independent management of signals from input to output.
This concept enables each channel to monitor heat, current, signal, and power separately, thus greatly reducing crosstalk and increasing dynamic range and efficiency. The Power Module utilizes a unipolar output insuring proper phase and matching between channels. The Power Module(tm), design utilizes high current output devices in conjunction with a com-mutating, or dual voltage power supply and over sized toroidal transformer that in combination, delivers up to 20% more power than normal amplifiers of the same size. The 2N100MKII amplifier is capable of delivering massive amounts of power into low impedance loads exhibited by virtually all modern loudspeakers.

The 2N100MKII Series amplifier uses high quality speaker binding posts that can accommodate large gauge speaker cables or banana plugs. Input jacks are supplied with parallel outputs that can be used for bi-amping or sharing signals.



AMC Amplifiers

Designed with a 25 Year, operation with out fail philosophy, AMC amplifiers are High Quality Hi Fidelity Sound System components that can form part of any home or commercial sound system. This includes Multi-Room Electronic products. AMC amps provide the quality sound you want, without an inflated price tag. As a manufacturer of some of the worlds high end stereo components, you can be rest assured that AMC amps are built to last, look great and will perform at their best, long term.

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Rated Power into 8 ohm / 4 ohm (IHF)
150W / 240W
Rated THD and IMD
1 KHz Clipping Power into 8 ohm / 4 ohm
160W / 240W
Dynamic Power into 8 ohm / 4 ohm
255W / 360W
Dynamic Headroom
Current limit @ .1 ohm and 1 ohm
30 Amps / channel
Output offset
+/-10mV Max
S/N Ratio for 1W/8 0hm
>102dB (“A” wtd)
Input voltage for 100 watts
1 Vrms
Frequency Response 20Hz-20KHz  +/-.3dB   -3dB  4Hz&75KHz
Separation >70dB @ 20KHz
Damping Factor
Input Impedance
42.5cm x 32.5cm  x 12.5cm


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