RIO Sound & Vision have been specialists in high-quality home entertainment cinema design and sound applications since 1993.

Our skilled professionals will carefully consider a client’s needs and advise on the most suitable solution tol obtain the absolute highest quality result. Our retail foot print is now regarded as one of the very largest presence in Australia. From a simple portable radio, to your next blockbuster cinema or quality hifi system, we are your home cinema store.

Our specialist customer service and support includes:

  • Conceptualizing sound and vision applications
  • Providing simple take home systems on the spot, with stock on hand.
  • Designing a custom application from your house plans to suit your new home and multi room needs.
  • Utilizing the space of your existing application into a home cinema.
  • Superior product knowledge to give you the best advice and supply you exactly what you need.
  • Technical and acoustic design and installation.
  • Plus 1 on 1 customer service and after sales support from our team of trained staff. Ensuring that your decision to come to RIO for your entertainment needs is everything you wished for.

Come into one of our two conveniently located showrooms in Preston and Hampton and experience every model on each of the brands we sell.  We provide our customers the environment where they can hear and see all models, that’s our difference that’s RIO.