Returns & Cancellations

Dead On Arrival Products (DOA)

Dead on arrival products will be immediately replaced once product has been returned to head office (Preston store). If product is not in stock we will order a replacement. Any damaged goods on arrival must be evaluated upon return to store. Claims for damaged goods must be made within 24 hours of receiving the goods via Email with supporting evidence.

Product returns

RIO Sound & Vision will accept product returns and provide you with an exchange voucher, refund or repair where: 1.a The product is faulty or is not of merchantable quality, or 2.a The product is not fit for its intended purpose, or 3.a The product does not match the sample or our description. You must present your Rio Sound & Vision register receipt or other adequate proof of purchase.

Please note: In the case of electrical* and electronic products*, Rio Sound & Vision may elect to return the product to the manufacturer’s repair agent to determine the nature of the problem. If the product is determined to be faulty, not of merchantable quality, not fit for purpose or not matching a description or sample, Rio Sound & Vision will offer a repair, exchange voucher or refund.

If you cannot present your Rio Sound & Vision register receipt or other acceptable proof of purchase Rio Sound & Vision reserves the right not to offer a refund or exchange. In the case of electrical* and electronic products* Rio Sound & Vision will be happy to refer you to the manufacturer’s customer service hotline for assistance with operating difficulties or product repairs. The manufacturer’s customer hotline number should be included with the information supplied with your product.

Where you seek a refund for any item that was purchased as part of a ‘deal’, Rio Sound & Vision may refund the price in accordance with deal eligibility. No refund will be given on free items and any refund amount may be recalculated if your return results in deal eligibility no longer being met.

Operating difficulties

If you are experiencing operating difficulties with electrical, electronic or other similar products we recommend you first contact the manufacturer’s customer hotline before returning the product. Many operating difficulties can be quickly solved with the right advice. The manufacturer’s customer hotline number should be included with the information supplied with your product. Rio Sound & Vision reserves the right to assess the condition and age of returned goods prior to offering a repair, exchange or refund.

This may result in a repair, exchange or refund being refused.

Please note: Your original Rio Sound & Vision register receipt is the best form of proof of purchase. Refunds will be issued using your original payment method. Please retain your digital invoice online for all online purchases.

Refunds will not be provided for the purchase of gift vouchers. Gift vouchers are not redeemable for cash.

To be eligible to receive a refund, any accessories and manuals supplied with product must be included, including packaging. All of our products are sold with a full Australian Manufacturers Warranty and we are Australian authorised to sell all products we supply. The terms of each warranty are specific to each manufacturer and vary depending on the product. Most manufacturer warranties provide protection against defects or faults for at least 12 months RIO does not accept any or refund claim for any goods after 2 days from date of purchase or simply change of mind.

Lay-by Purchases & Pre-Order Items

All lay-by purchases need to be finalised within 3 months of the first payment date unless otherwise stated in writing by a RIO Sound & Vision representative. Any lay-by purchase that has not been finalised within 3 months is at risk of cancellation and you will not be eligible for a refund. For pre-order items, the 3 month time period will apply once the stock has arrived in store.

When placing a pre-order on any item, you agree that you are committing to purchase the stock, and that the deposit amount paid secures the supply of stock, and the price agreed upon. You agree to make a commitment to pay the final balance once this stock is available for supply.

Cancellations on all orders

Please note a Flat Fee of $80 cancellation applies to all orders to cover processing and administration costs.

For any orders placed where stock is not available immediately, RIO Sound and Vision will order and supply exactly to what has been ordered. An email will be sent with an ETA (estimated time of arrival). RIO Sound and Vision can only give you an estimate date and will not be held responsible for any delays. In placing an order, you agree that supply delays do not warrant a refund if the delay is due to external suppliers and not the fault of RIO Sound & Vision. No refunds will be issued for placed orders due to a simple change of mind.

Cancellation on “Order In Items” need to be notified within 48 hours of placing the order via email to receive a full refund, failing this a cancellation fee on order will attract a 50% restocking fee on the total value purchased. As RIO Sound and Vision supply our clients with only new items and components it is our obligation to full fill all orders exactly as they are described.

Warranty Disclaimer

RIO Sound and Vision Installations cannot be held responsible for programming functionality limitation due to incompatibility or restriction of products provided by customer.

Warranty is void if any person, other than employee of RIO Sound and Vision tampers with or attempts to repair or correct any alleged problem incurred.

Installation does not cover acts of god or other occurrences beyond the control of RIO Sound and Vision.

RIO Sound and Vision cannot warrant installations involving any type of wall will not result in cracks on the wall.

RIO Sound and Vision reserves the right to terminate your warranty if you change, alter or modify the equipment we installed or its settings or configurations.

Service can also be denied if dangerous or unhealthy conditions are present including possible code violations.

Any removal services provided, RIO Sound and Vision shall not be responsible for repairing any damage or changes made to your residence.

Warranty is void if any product that fails or is damaged as a result of improper storage, misuse, neglect, accident or maladjustment of consumer controls.

Short circuiting the equipment will be considered misuse and will cause the product not to be covered by the warranty.


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