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British Manufacturer Myryad have come a long way from the humble
beginnings of 2 brothers passion for quality music and affordable
electronics. RIO Sound and Vision are very proud to showcase the range
of the new Z Series, re-engineered now with A grade components and
metal oxide technology. For those you aspire to have affordable premium
Hifi we now have your solution.

Myryad Z40
High quality headphones can deliver the very best sound quality while providing isolation from external noises. To get the full benefit from the best headphones you need a top quality headphone amplifier – and that is why the Myryad Z40 was developed.
Four line inputs – can be the centre of a headphones-based hi-fi system
Line output allowing the Z40 to double as a preamp to drive speakers via a separate power amp
Gain switch on rear allows gain to be optimised for different headphones or preamp use – while allowing the volume control to be used in the middle of its range
Discrete pure class A circuitry ensures very low distortion and excellent sound quality
DC coupled throughout – no capacitors in the signal path
Two ¼” (6.35mm) headphone output jacks, each capable of driving headphones from 32W to 600W impedance (3.5mm adaptors supplied)
Output DC protection prevents damage to fragile headphones
Myryad “Smart My-Link®” for intelligent system operation with other Myryad products

Technical Information
he Z40 Headphone Amplifier can drive all types of headphones (except electrostatic) at any sound level, with negligible noise and distortion.n It is equipped with two headphone jacks, so listening doesn’t have to nbe a solitary experience. Built into the compact and stylish Myryad Zmini case, its four inputs can make the Z40 the core of a mini personal hi-fi system.
Dynamic headphones are small, low-power loudspeakers. As such they need small low-power power amplifier to drive them. This is the approach we took with the Z40, using the same discrete technology as the Z240 amplifier, but tailored to the lower power level and refined to deliver the best possible sound quality.
Then Z40’s amplifier is built around Myryad’s renowned DC5 (*) circuit configuration, here configured for pure Class A operation to deliver then finest resolution of low level musical signals. As with any power amplifier, the design of the power supply is critical. The Z40’s power supply uses a custom designed toroidal power transformer (shielded by a steel enclosure to reduce its tiny external magnetic field even more), high-speed “Schottky” rectifiers and Nichico audiophile-grade reservoir capacitors. Finally, to make absolutely certain that the sensitive parts of the amplifier are not disturbed by noise or distortion from then power supplies, the input stages of the amplifier are fed from their own low-noise, low impedance regulated power supplies.
The Z40’s amplifier is DC coupled throughout to ensure absolute transparency. A DC servo circuit maintains negligible DC offset at the outputs which might otherwise compromise headphone performance. In addition a manually adjusted current-balancing circuit is employed at the input to ensure that no DC current can flow back to the volume control, maintaining silent operation of the volume control over many years of use.
The Z40 can drive two pairs of headphones via ¼” (6.35mm) headphone jacks with gold-plated contacts (3.5mm adaptors are supplied) – fed via an output relay which mutes the headphones output during switch on and off. Further protection is provided for fragile headphones by a sensitive DC detector circuit which disconnects the headphones in the unlikely event of an extended DC output.
Input selection is done by relays with gold-plated contacts – exactly as in Myryad’s high-end MX Series. The selected signal is sent directly to a motorised volume control allowing remote operation if desired.
Finally the Z40 is equipped with Myryad n”Smart My-Link®” providing intelligent system operation with all other Myryad Z Series and MX Series products.
Double Complementary Cross-Coupled Cascoded Current feedback



Myryad Hifi Equipment

Myryad Hifi, now one of the very best Hifi brands available today. Built by a company who believes in quality workmanship and performance, not just a mass produced stereo product. Myryad 2 Channel Amplifiers are high in current and power allowing you to drive the most powerful speakers out there.

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Inputs CD/DAC, NET, Tuner, Phono
Maximum output leveln 32W load >= 4 Vrms (500 mW)
600W load >= 8 Vrms (107 mW)
Gain (at maximum volume) High: +14 dB
Low: +4 dB
Input impedance 20 kW
Frequency response (20Hz – 20kHz) ±0.1dB
THD (1 Vrms output into 32W) <=0.001%
Signal-to-Noise ratio (A weighted, ref. 1V rms output) High gain: 106 dB
Low gain: 115 dB
Output impedance Headphones outputs: <0.5 W
Line output: 75 W
Dimensions (w x h x d) 215 x 56 x 228mm
Finish Natural Silver fascia with Silver Grey casing
or Satin Black fascia with Black casing.
Warranty 3 Years Australia Wide


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