XIA 30 – Stereo Amplifier | AMC

High Current Amplification

30Watts TRUE RMS Power / channel

3 Year Warranty

$599.00 $299.00


AMC Hi Fidelity electronic component manufacturer are responsible for most high end brands out there !
RIO Sound and Vision bring you their latest range with state of the art
build quality and a design reliability philosophy of 25years, their new
XIA 30 Stereo Power Amplifier will Deliver more power than most amplifiers at double the price!.
With a 3 Year Warranty and Toroid Transformer for ultimate current delivery, this amp can drive large speakers.


Embrace sound like no other amplifier in this price range and performance, the XIA30 Amplifier is truly the start of a great home hifi system.
Simple Remote System included.
Unique phono stage design that employs two audiophile grade op-amps per channel that provide very low THD, TIM and noise, together with switchable MM/MC sensitivities.
AMC XIA is designed with option of USB connector for networking to other equipments, computer, LAN and so the Internet.
AMC XIA creates CD quality sound from computer and Internet through the USB linking system designed in AMC IA system.
The high overload tone control stage can be completely by-passed with the DIRECT switch to give natural sound quality.
Special designed passive Tone control circuit to give natural sound quality.
Uses audiophile grade components through out, providing exceptional accuracy to phono and tone control responses.
High overload margin on tone control circuit by virtue of its topologies.
XIA 30 Power amplifier with 30 Amp high peak out put current devices to offer capabilities to drive almost all types of speaker systems with a special designed perfect virtual image topology to make it possible to be without output relays. The topology connects amplifier outputs to speaker systems without relay contacts to offer best possible sound quality.
Using high output current devices with optimized power supply design, this power amplifier can be only protected with fuses on power supplier side in order to delivery extremely high output current in demand to give superb sound quality.
With universal power transformer passed all international safety standards, and RF Noise, this gives the ultimate crystal clear sound
Heavy duty gold plated speaker binding posts and phono connectors for ultra reliable connections.



AMC Amplifiers

Designed with a 25 Year, operation with out fail philosophy, AMC amplifiers are High Quality Hi Fidelity Sound System components that can form part of any home or commercial sound system. This includes Multi-Room Electronic products. AMC amps provide the quality sound you want, without an inflated price tag. As a manufacturer of some of the worlds high end stereo components, you can be rest assured that AMC amps are built to last, look great and will perform at their best, long term.

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Rated Power into 8/4 ohms
Rated THD 20-20KHz
Input sensitivity for 1W/Rated Power
High level inputs: 23mV/150mV
Phono input MM: 0.5mV/2.7mV
Phono input MC: 0.05mV/0.27mV
Input impedance
High level inputs: 20K ohms
Phono input MM/MC: 47K ohms/100pF
Frequency response
Tone bypass 20-20KHz: +/-0.5dB
Normal 20-20KHz: +/-1.0dB
High level inputs -3dB: 10Hz/60KHz
Signal to noise ratio (ref. 1W/8 ohms)
High level inputs A WTD: 88dB
Phono input A WTD: 80dB
Separation 20-20KHz
Tone control range
Bass at 100Hz: +/-10dB
Treble at 10KHz: -8/+11dB
Overall feedback
Dimensions (W x H x D)
430 x 82 x 288 mm
Net Weight



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