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Durable solutions are always more exact
No other speaker combines the flexibility, durability and sound quality of the SA exact.

Hang it on the wall or put it on a shelf. No matter where you put SA exact, the sound quality will still amaze you.
Too unique to label
SA exact is unlike any other speaker because it works perfectly in places where ordinary speakers seem out of place. Get used to the idea that SA exact represents a different way of thinking, one that combines flexibility, durability and world-class sound.
Related to SA explorer
SA exact is endowed with a remarkable and captivating sound quality. The sound is far bigger than you’d expect from the speaker, and its myriad subtleties make any form of entertainment more dynamic. The speaker uses the same technology as the SA explorer floor speaker, setting new standards.
The minimalist avant-garde design makes SA exact both “invisible” and eye catching
Solutions for your home
SA exact is a modern and flexible speaker suitable for use in a music system or a home cinema set-up with high-quality sound. Use it alone or together with other SA speakers. SA exact is available in different colours and finishes, and you can even order it in a colour that suits your personal taste. SA exact is so dependable that it may also be used in recording studios, conference rooms, shops, cafés, restaurants, etc.
The technical background
Takes advantage of the laws of acoustics
The acoustics in SA exact have been specially adapted so the speaker works close to a wall.
In acoustics, special rules apply when sound encounters large surfaces such as walls. When a speaker is placed near a wall, some of the sound reflects from the surface of the wall and blends with the sound it has already sent out into the room. An ordinary speaker will distort the sound if it isn’t specifically designed to work in those conditions. This manifests itself, for example, in deep tones sounding fuzzy and voices sounding mumbled and incomprehensible. The acoustics in SA exact have been specially adapted to cope with large surfaces. The effects of the reflections were taken into account during the design and development stage, so SA exact works perfectly when hung on a wall, without passing on vibrations to the wall.
Inspiration to find the right solution
A multi-faceted speaker. SA exact is available in four different finishes, can be used in four different ways and in all sorts of installations. The photos are for inspiration. Use SA exact to suit your own purposes.
SA exact
As a front speaker As a centre channel speaker As a rear speaker Standing horizontally Hanging horizontally (from the built-in fixture) Hanging vertically (from the built-in fixture)
Choose between these finishes
White satin cabinet (with black front grille) Black ash cabinet (with black front grille) High gloss black (with black front grille)
Connect SA exact
With true 70Watts RMS of power, the System Audio Exact is designed for Cinema Installations, High End Wall mount 2 Channel Hifi Sound, or Studio Audio recording, all you need is a decent amplifier and you are good to go.
The woofers use XL technology
Each W1404XL woofer contains new technology, with two voice coils per engine instead of one. We call it XL technology both because the sound becomes “extra large” and also because it excels. These small woofers are incredibly durable and precise because the various movable parts are cast together in the same mould, not glued in place like traditional woofers.
XL technology uses two voice coils in each woofer to reproduce the deepest tones
XL technology makes our woofers capable of reproducing far deeper bass than woofers using traditional technology
Membrane weight: 0.9 grams, corresponding to 25 % of the weight of an ordinary piece of A4 paper
12 mm piston stroke (membrane movement)
Cast aluminium chassis
The W1404XL bass element is magnetically shielded
XL technology is only available in SA speakers in the world.

The T2506XS tweeter is an acoustic masterpiece
Acoustics, precision engineering and musicality converge in the T2506XS tweeter to provide a fantastically subtle reproduction of every detail of the sound. With a weight of just 80 mg, the almost transparent membrane is possibly the lightest ever produced.

XS technology means that a wave guide around the tweeter controls the sound dispersion so it is not reflected from the front plate and the edges of the cabinet. The wave guide is an advanced acoustic solution, which directs sound waves away from obstacles, simplifies the crossover network for the tweeter and improves the sound quality
XS Technology ensures that the tweeter transmits sound over a greater area than traditional tweeters. You can move around, or sit in different places, and still experience a constant sound quality throughout the room. Ordinary tweeters give a focused beam of sound, meaning you have to sit right in front of the speaker to get the full benefit of the experience. XS technology extends the area in front of the speakers in which you can enjoy the best possible sound quality
A 12 mm front plate made of cast aluminium serves as the vibration-free base from which the tweeter transmits information that requires precise membrane movements – all the way down to 0.0005 mm!!
Unique textile membrane weighing only 80 mg – possibly the lightest ever produced
Separate built-in chamber behind the membrane
Resonance caused by the sound from the rear of the membrane striking the bottom plate of the magnet is eliminated by small blocks of damping material, which can be seen through the semi-transparent membrane
The T2506XS tweeter is magnetically shielded
XS technology is only available in SA speakers in the world.



System Audio Speakers

System Audio Speakers designed and built in Denmark. This brand of speakers are hand crafted by pure audio enthusiasts.

Stunning Design and built presented with original finishes that will impress the most dedicated Hifi perfectionist. System Audio make speakers that are loud!!! But still provide quality sound.

Finally one of the worlds best sounding loud speaker brands is now available in Australia.

Speaker dimensions (WxHxD) cm 22,5 x 61 x 17
Power handling 150 Watt
Frequency range 45 – 35.000 Hz (+/- 1.5 dB)
Impedance 8 ohm


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