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Designed from the ground up, with Elegance and Style, Mantra’s point, to
manufacture a speaker with the ultimate sound stage and detail, without
compromising form or function.
RIO Sound and Vision now have the complete range of Mantra, we can
guarantee, you haven’t heard anything compared to this range in speaker
no matter what brand.
Our Extensive experience with speakers and design, have almost cemented
our decision to make the Mantra one of the very best speakers we have
sold and recommend.
It goes with out saying, that System Audio have truly made one of the world best speakers.
Award Winning Speakers
The new SA mantra 50 stands on the shoulders of its respected predecessors that set new standards for their time. Now, we move the boundaries again.
50 is a historical number for SA , as well as a legendary loudspeaker format. Over the years, our 50 models have been competing against much bigger loudspeakers and represented the way we think about great sound.
Think fast
Our custom designed 4” woofers are smaller, faster and more precise than our competitors. SA brings you a life-like and engaging sound that can only be delivered by a fast loudspeaker and the new SA mantra 50 is the best way we have ever proved our philosophy.
Think innovation
SA has been designing loudspeakers with small drive units since 1984 and long before everyone else. This is our secret. We are specialised in big sound, precision and involving musicality and the 50 is a unique loudspeaker with a talent for surprising those who decide live with it.
The man and his mantra
System Audio A/S was founded in 1984 by Ole Witthøft because he could not find any speakers that could live up to his idea of being close to the artists when listening to music at home. He had discovered that speakers must be constructed and designed in accordance with a specific system that has named his company.
Reduction as a design philosophy
All SA speakers begin their life at Ole’s table, and although some of the world’s best experts in acoustics, mechanics and electronics are involved in the product development a new speaker is only put into production, when Ole happy with it. One of Ole’s philosophies is about reduction in every sense of the word. On each loudspeaker you will see the reduction as an absence of decoration. Inside the speaker you see reduction as an obvious simplicity of the design. It is also reduction, which drives us to reduce the weight of the moving mass of our drive units, because it improves the sound. When we reduce the speaker’s dependence of the room acoustics, it is also a way to use the philosophy. It is a waste of the user’s resources to make things complicated. Simplification of every little detail optimizes the experience. In other words: less is more.



System Audio Speakers

System Audio Speakers designed and built in Denmark. This brand of speakers are hand crafted by pure audio enthusiasts. Stunning Design and built presented with original finishes that will impress the most dedicated Hifi perfectionist. System Audio make speakers that are loud!!! But still provide quality sound. Finally one of the worlds best sounding loud speaker brands is now available in Australia.

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Minimum Amp Power : 70 Watts
Power handling : 200 Watts RMS
Impedance 8 ohms
Sensitivity (1W, 1m) 89 dB
Frequency response: 45-35.000 Hz +/- 1.5 dB
Dimensions (WxHxD) mm : 145 x 1080 x 275 cm
Weight Each : 16,3kg
Warranty 5 Year


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