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Made in Denmark

Real Wood Used

5 Year Warranty


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Designed from the ground up, with Elegance and Style, Mantra’s point, to manufacture a speaker with the ultimate sound stage and detail, without compromising form or function.
RIO Sound and Vision now have the complete range of Mantra, we can guarantee, you haven’t heard anything compared to this range in speaker no matter what brand.
Our Extensive experience with speakers and design, have almost cemented our decision to make the Mantra one of the very best speakers we have sold and recommend.
It goes with out saying, that System Audio have truly made one of the world best speakers.

Mantra 5 Book Shelf
Bigger than size, the Mantra 5 fills any room with out hassle, match to a quality amplifier, you can be rest assured you will have endless hours of quality sound.
SA mantra 5 is a quite compact speaker. It sounds much bigger than it is and it’s a pleasure to look at.
Its full-bodied and musical sound is an invitation to many hours of enjoyment of all kinds of music.
The small SA mantra 5 is nice in every detail. You get the first impression of its quality by its weight. It’s heavy. 6 kilos to be exact. The speaker is made of quality materials and they are chosen to provide better sound.
The perfect finish is another part of the experience and it is available in both high-gloss black (painted and polished 8 times) and satin white finish and real walnut. A nice detail is the speaker grille, which locks into position with invisible magnets.
The speaker can be placed on a shelf or bookcase. You can hang it on the wall where we have prepared it for our W.5-bracket and you can place it on a speaker stand (ex. FS4) if you want the best sound quality.

Built for all kinds of music
SA mantra 5 is made for people that enjoy all kinds of music. It is made for both electronic and acoustic music, and it is specially designed to work in a relatively small room. In combination with a music system in a good quality, SA mantra 5 provide a life-like and involving experience of the artists you love. It can also be used as a speaker in home theater, where its remarkable sound dispersion covers the entire room with sound. The sound character is a perfect match in solutions where SA mantra 5 is combined with other speakers in the mantra family.

Big sound from specially designed woofer
The speaker is a 2-way design only 31 cm tall. The 13 cm woofer is a special type that is used exclusively in SA speakers. It uses a fiberglass membrane with amazing acoustic talents, which helps to give the speaker to deliver a present and authentic sound. The impressive bass is derived from a combination of the motor system of the woofer and its moving parts. Copper rings in the magnet helps to focus the magnetic field that drives the loudspeaker and the mechanical design allows 2-3 times more movement of the membrane than you see in a normal drive unit. Combine all this and you get a bigger sound than you’d expect from a speaker of this size.

Unique design of bass reflex
On the back of speaker you find the special bass reflex that supply the deepest notes of the music. It is shaped like a slot, where the air moves in a laminar flow in order to minimize turbulence. The bass reflex port sits at the back of the speaker pointing downwards, so it does’nt transmit sound directly into the wall behind the speaker. No one else has solved the design challenge of bass reflex in this way. It helps to separate the SA mantra 5 from more ordinary speakers.

Sound nuances treated with care
Musical details are provided by the tweeter, you have come to know from the other members of mantra family. With its textile membrane, it produces the instrument’s sonic nuances both clear and warm. Complex passages in the music are handled with lots of headroom to keep the listener’s attention to the music.

A speaker with attitude
An SA is created in love for music and the clear mantra in our speakers is that they will bring you closer to the music. The design manager of System Audio’s Ole Witthøft and our design team works hard to ensure that you will come to appreciate our sound quality the most. Our speakers present exciting technologies and materials, but technology only makes sense when it moves you closer to the music. That’s how we think. Our speakers have superior technical specifications, but the numbers can’t entertain you. Only our work with the sound can do that.
Enjoy SA mantra 5.



System Audio Speakers

System Audio Speakers designed and built in Denmark. This brand of speakers are hand crafted by pure audio enthusiasts.Stunning Design and built presented with original finishes that will impress the most dedicated Hifi perfectionist. System Audio make speakers that are loud!!! But still provide quality sound.Finally one of the worlds best sounding loud speaker brands is now available in Australia.

Additional information

Price Bracket


SA mantra 5
Power handling: 140 Watt RMS
Frequency range +/- 1.5 dB: 47-35.000 Hz
Impedance: 8 Ohm Sensitivity (1W / 1m): 88 dB
Crossover network: 2200 Hz(24dB/oct.)
Principle: 2-way bass reflex
Recommended amplifier: Min. 50 Watt
Packing: Pairs Weight loudspeaker (kgs): 6 kgs
Dimensions (WxHxD) mm: 170 x 310 x 220
Recommended placement: Wallbracket, floorstand or shelf
Finish: High Gloss Black, Walnut, Satin White


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