RIO Sound and Vision Installations cannot be held responsible for programming functionality limitation due to incompatibility or restriction of products provided by customer.

Warranty is void if any person, other than employee of RIO Sound and Vision tampers with or attempts to repair or correct any alleged problem incurred.

Installation does not cover acts of god or other occurrences beyond the control of RIO Sound and Vision.

RIO Sound and Vision cannot warrant installations involving any type of wall will not result in cracks on the wall.

RIO Sound and Vision reserves the right to terminate your warranty if you change, alter or modify the equipment we installed or its settings or configurations.

Service can also be denied if dangerous or unhealthy conditions are present including possible code violations.

Any removal services provided, RIO Sound and Vision shall not be responsible for repairing any damage or changes made to your residence.

Warranty is void if any product that fails or is damaged as a result of improper storage, misuse, neglect, accident or maladjustment of consumer controls.

Short circuiting the equipment will be considered misuse and will cause the product not to be covered by the warranty.

For all warranty services, all products are a back to base warranty. This means that the product will need to be sent back to RIO Sound & Vision at the customers own cost.